Light Up for Less

At our ‘Light Up for Less’ event in October 2014, people picked up tips on which low energy light bulbs are considered to be the brightest and best for specific fittings, rooms or functions.

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Experts, Paul Towers from Saving Light Bulbs and Simon Cooney from Positive Delivery Systems were able to respond to all queries and helped residents choose the best option for their own particular need. LEDs or ‘light emitting diodes’ were especially appropriate for brightness, instant light and annual running costs.

The experts advised checking with your supplier that you’re getting the correct ‘white colour’, depending on whether you want a soft warm light, or brightness for craft work etc. – and the correct ‘lumens’ for the size of the room.

East Hampshire District Council spoke about grants available at the time. They formed part of the district council’s strategy to improve the energy efficiency of local homes. The council had won £3 million from the government to be spent on improving old homes that are leaking heat or have old boilers. This money has now been spent.