Plastic-free household products

Reducing consumption of single-use plastics in households is a good place to start. There are a surprising number of alternatives available, especially online. For example –

Supplier (search online) Items Discount code*
And Keep Plastic free living Alton
Earthwise girls Feminine hygiene & body care Daisy
Who Gives a Crap Toilet roll & tissues
Save Some Green Bamboo & steel utensils
Spirit of Nature Eco friendly items for all the family
Lush Toiletries
LiveMoor Craft materials including beeswax
Alton Home Hardware Beeswax bars
Natural Collection Fair trade & eco-friendly
Cheeky Wipes Nappies, feminine hygiene etc
Honest Miracle Organics Organic, toxin free, eco-friendly ALTON
Mangle & Wringer Laundry items
Wellness Mama Recipes for handmade toiletries
Ecosnackwrap Sandwich wrap
Little Cherry Compostable picnic & party ware
Living Naturally
(Laundry Products)
Soapnut laundry starter pack
Green tulip Ethical gifts

*Apply discount code when placing an order online.

The Guppyfriend washing bag collects micro-plastics in clothes from washing machines, preventing them from getting into the sea and eaten by marine life – the plastic particles are too small to be removed by sewage treatment. The fibres are caught in the bag and can be removed and put in the bin.