Money saving tips

Here are some tips which can both save money and help to keep your home warm.

Potential Annual Savings
Limit kettle fill £7
Wash clothes at 30°C £12
Top up loft insulation to 27cm £15
Switch off lights on leaving a room £15
Turn off heating in unused rooms £21
Turn off all standby appliances £30
Draught-proof windows, doors, chimneys £30
Change lights to low energy/LED £35
Install a water efficient shower head £67
Air-dry laundry, outdoors or indoors £85
Install solar hot water panels £65
Install solar panels for electricity* £75 – £150
Turn heating down to 18°C (able bodied residents only) £90
Add secondary glazing to single glazed windows, or install double glazing £100
Insulate cavity walls £160
Insulate solid walls £260
Replace an old gas boiler £340

* Plus Smart Export Guarantee