Finding an installer of renewable energy systems

There are now many installers of renewable energy systems in the UK, some better than others, and sadly there are also some ‘cowboy’ installers out there too. In order to get the best value for money for your system it is important to do some research before you buy. We recommend that you do not order systems from installation companies that make unsolicited approaches to you without doing some research first. 

Firstly, use the information on our website and the other sites that we link to to understand how the different renewable energy systems work and which might be best for you. It may also be well worthwhile employing a consultant to help you to calculate the best type of system for you. 

Once you have decided the type of system that will meet your needs you should get quotes for the installation. We also recommend that you select a company that has experience in fitting renewable energy systems. We also recommend that you obtain quotes from two or three suppliers and be sure to ask for references or up-to-date testimonials.  A quick chat with someone who has just had work done is valuable.

We have decided not to recommend particular consultants or installers because it is hard to keep up to date and to find recent relevant experience to promote any one installer. Instead here are some sites that you can use to find reputable consultants and installers:

Some of these websites also include reviews which could help you to produce a shortlist of potential companies.