Solid Wall Insulation

Solid walls let through twice as much heat as cavity walls. They can be insulated by attaching a solid panel of insulation board to the wall either on the inside or outside of the wall. Use breathable insulation materials to allow the movement of air and reduce the possibility of damp.

Try to fit the insulation when having other major decorating or home improvement work done in the house. This is an expensive exercise which causes significant disruption, particularly when fitting internal insulation. It is advisable to check with your local planning authority whether permission is required for external wall insulation.

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The cost of external wall insulation ranges from about £5,000 to around £14,000, according to the size of building and number of walls to be insulated. Savings generated could be expected to range from £235 per year for a gas heated 3 bed semi-detached house to about £480 per year for a similar house heated with oil.

Internal wall insulation should cost between £5,500 and £8,000 depending on the number of rooms being insulated and the type of material used. Savings are similar to those for external wall insulation.

It is always worth checking whether any grants are available for this work.

Remember to check with your installer that the installation is covered by the SWIGA guarantee which gives 25 years cover for defective materials, design or workmanship or by other appropriate guarantees such as Kinnell ECO Guarantee (which covers most natural building technologies). Also check with your installer that the products/materials are BBA certified.

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