LEAF Project


In 2012 Energy Alton was awarded a grant of £84,000 from the Local Energy Assessment Fund (LEAF) by the Department of Energy and Climate Change. In preparing our bid we identified several projects to improve awareness of and promote energy efficiency improvements in the town.

  • We opened an Advice Centre on the High Street for six months, which is now located in the Library.
  • We held a round of energy saving workshops.
  • We commissioned the insulation of two solid wall homes in Alton.
  • We completed over 100 free home energy and thermal imaging surveys.
  • We ran renewable energy workshops over three days, attended by members of the public, town and district councillors and planners.
  • We helped over 500 homes get free loft insulation during 2012 by distributing over 5000 rolls of insulation.
  • We carried out Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) surveys of 10 commercial or publicly owned properties in Alton.