Small Grants Scheme

HESTA – Home Energy Support Team Alton

You can apply to us for up to £100 towards the cost of installing energy efficiency measures, if your home is in council tax band A, B, C or D. 

To be eligible for the grant, you need to have had a home energy survey carried out by one of our volunteer Energy Champions.

We will provide a grant for 50% of the cost of any energy efficiency measures installed in your home, after our survey, up to a maximum of £100.

This includes draughtproofing, insulation, radiator reflector panels, LED lights, heating controls and any other measures that reduce your energy use.

You can use a handyperson from our list, or another installer.

To apply for a grant, please contact us with details of the measures you plan to install.  Once approved, the grant will be paid to you after you have paid for the installation or materials – we will just need a copy of the receipt or invoice and a photo of the work that has been carried out.