Powering Up – Projects

We are currently working on three projects:

Thedden Grange Clean Heat Project

We were awarded a grant by the Rural Communities Energy Fund (RCEF) to conduct a feasibility study into providing renewable heating to the residences at Thedden Grange near Alton. They are currently heated using a mix of oil and LPG boilers and direct electric heating, which could all be replaced by heat pumps, potentially as part of a small district heating system.

The buildings are over 200 years old, with a low standard of energy efficiency, so the feasibility study looked at the insulation and other efficiency measures that would be required to make the project viable. It also looked at the potential to generate some of the electricity needed to run the heat pumps from solar PV.

The feasibility study was carried out with our partner Basingstoke Energy Services co-operative – you can read a summary of the final report here. We are making the full report available to other community energy organisations – if you would like a copy, please contact us.

Coomers Solar PV Project

Community Energy South (CES) and Hampshire County Council (HCC) are supporting us with business planning through their Pathways Programme. The programme funded a feasibility study into a project to install solar PV on one or more of Coomers stores.
The feasibility study showed that there is more space for solar generation than there is demand for electricity at the site, so we are working with Coomers, Community Energy South and Energise South Downs to identify other potential users of the electricity.

Eggar’s School Solar PV Project

We are pleased to say that Eggar’s School have installed a large 50kW solar panel system on the roof of the school, with the help of funding from East Hampshire District Council. Energy Alton Powering Up supported the feasibility study and we will provide educational activities around the project such as energy workshops at the schools, to engage the pupils, their parents and the whole school community.