Hope for the future

Here is a selection of website links that show some of the ways that the problem of plastic waste is being tackled across the world.

Ellen MacArthur’s Circular Economy initiative in Plastics Never Become Waste and Boyan Slat’s remarkable Ocean Clean Up project head the list.

www.theoceancleanup.com Boyan Slat – Ocean Clean Up project
www.ellenmacarthurfoundation.org Plastics circular economy
www.plasticbank.org People in poorer parts of the world can be paid for collecting plastic
http://gumdropltd.com Recycling chewed gum to make products
https://recyclingtechnologies.co.uk/ Plastic recycling company in Swindon pioneering a technology for making all types of plastic back to hydrocarbon that can be used for making new plastic
www.independent.co.uk/news/ Plastic eating Enzyme Research at Portsmouth University