A Happy New Year from the Powering Up project! Here is their latest newsletter.

Here are some headlines from the newsletter – but do read the longer version – it’s very interesting!

Our initial Rural Community Energy Fund (RCEF) grant application has been rejected, but we have been encouraged to re-apply.
• We have reviewed our options and decided to re-submit the Thedden Grange renewable heating project to RCEF in February, with support from Community Energy South (CES).
• We will investigate the possibility of applying for a grant from CES to progress the Coomers solar PV project.
• We are also investigating the possibility of hiring an administrator with support from CES.
• We are talking to the Copse Close solar farm developers with a view to Powering Up being involved in the proposed 50MW solar farm to be built on the Selbourne Road.
• We need more volunteers for the Powering Up committee. In particular, we need a Secretary, and we always need help with ad-hoc tasks such as publicity, project site visits, research etc.

If you can offer skills or support, please get in touch with Powering UP on energyalton@gmail.com