The Revolution in Nuclear Power

By Simon Johnson

Simon Johnson gave a fascinating talk for Energy Alton about the future of nuclear power

In a talk given in May 2020 to a Zoom meeting organised by Energy Alton, an ex-reactor physicist explained for non-scientists why there is a realistic possibility that this new technology could lead to a large reduction in global warming. One of the biggest hurdles being the public’s genuine concerns about old-fashioned nuclear power.

Simon’s talk was very well received by an appreciative audience. We would welcome your comments on his video presentation, which can be found here

YouTube link:

Modern nuclear reactor designs can eat up nuclear waste, make huge amounts of electricity and be completely safe. The latest reactor designs are a complete revolution, but most people are unaware of the huge changes that have been taking place in the industry. Nuclear accidents like those at Chernobyl and Fukushima simply aren’t possible with these new designs.

Simon focusses on the Stable Salt Reactor by Moltex Energy because this design has solved all of the traditional problems with nuclear power and is the most likely to actually make a difference to global warming but as he says, there are other new revolutionary designs with similar advantages. They offer the possibility of safe, cheap and plentiful electricity with no carbon emissions. The new technology has yet to be fully proven, but let us hope …