Review of the year 2018/19

Philippa and Eleanor at our single-use plastics display at the Yuletide Festival

John Hubbard, our chairman, presented a review of Energy Alton’s many activities at its well-attended AGM in March. Along with the services we’ve offered for many years, such as home energy surveys and thermal images, advice on damp problems by David Moore, and a wide-ranging programme of talks and films, he highlighted our year-long campaign on alternatives to single-use plastics supported by a grant from Hampshire County Council’s Community Waste Prevention Fund. Our much-valued partnership with the Alton Society and ALFI continued. See the notes of the meeting (they are only two pages!) for a fuller account


Priorities for 2019/20 include

A project to provide advice and support to ome owners who do not have a mains gas supply

A Home Energy and Lighting Day in the Assembly Rooms on Sat 19th October

A project to establish a Repair Cafe for Alton

The Alton Climate Awareness Network – promoting awareness of the climate crisis

Reducing our carbon emissions from 12 tonnes to 2 tonnes per year … it can be done!