June is Hampshire Clean Air Month

15 June is the first UK National Clean Air Day.  We can all make pledges – what will you do?  If you are a car driver, you could leave your car at home, or walk your children to school.  See other ideas and make your pledge here

The whole of June is Hampshire Clean Air Month, so there is lots of opportunity to take action.  Hampshire Climate Action Network groups are running clean air events around the county.

Although we are not holding any events ourselves, Energy Alton is concerned about growing traffic congestion and air pollution in the town.  We want to encourage cleaner, lower-carbon forms of transport such as electric cars, walking, cycling and public transport.  Official air quality monitoring suggests there is not a big problem with air pollution in Alton (yet) – but we are not sure that monitoring is being undertaken in the parts of the town most affected by traffic congestion.

We are planning (using Friends of the Earth kits) to do our own air quality monitoring in a few places in the town.  If you would like to check air quality at a place near you, look on the Friends of the Earth website and order a kit  – and let us know the results (see contact page)  https://www.foe.co.uk/go/clean-air-kit

Watch this space!