Advice on finding a supplier of renewable energy

Energy Alton recommends using particular websites to find suppliers of renewable energy in your area.

We have decided not to recommend companies because it is hard to keep up to date and to find recent relevant experience to promote any one supplier.

First go to our website and look at the advice section.  You can also check out the Carbon Trust and Energy Saving Trust advice sections too.

Then look for suppliers in your area.

The Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) lists all accredited installers of renewable technologies.

The government endorsed Trustmark website is a good place to look for reputable installers.

Preferably invite quotations from two or three suppliers and be sure to ask for references or up-to-date testimonials.  A quick chat with someone who has just had work done is valuable.

Switch to a Green Energy Tariff

A green energy tariff works by the supplier promising to match all or some of the electricity and/or gas you use with renewable electricity or biogas, which it feeds into the National Grid or gas network. The more people who sign up to a green energy tariff, the higher the percentage of green energy in the national supply.  Find out more about switching to a wholly green tariff from this guide:

Switching to a Green Energy Tariff