Electric vehicles – Energy Alton in the Classic Car Show

For the second year running, Energy Alton had a display of electric vehicles in the Classic Car Show organised by the Herald and Alton Town Council on Saturday 22 September.  Despite the damp weather, lots of people took the opportunity to chat to electric vehicle owners.  The technology has developed further over the last year, especially how far cars can be driven on a single charge.

The photo shows young Molly Sexton, a visitor, who gamely threw off her coat to make a grand show of our display of electric cars.  Her Dad – who has two electric cars at home – said:

“It’s heartening to see people generating awareness for cleaner and sustainable transport and being able to explain first-hand the benefits of owning battery electric vehicles. Often, even the car dealers can’t explain this, so there is huge value in real owners conveying their experiences to the general public.”

Energy Alton’s display this year had a new dimension with an electric scooter and electric bike alongside five electric cars, adding to the options available for people who want to make their journeys more sustainable.  Tom Lankester, who brought his electric scooter over from Farnham, said: “I’ve been to several events over the past few years.  People are more positive nowadays, aware of battery progress and easy charging.  Let’s hope we see the growth in electric journeys improve even more.”

The Government plans to ban all new petrol and diesel cars and vans from 2040, to reduce air pollution from vehicle emissions which poses a major risk to public health.  Electric cars have zero tailpipe emissions.

Some owners can charge their electric vehicles for free with renewable energy from their own photovoltaics/ solar panels and amazingly  one third of all our electricity now comes from renewable sources – with the percentage set to increase.

Costs are falling – calculated over 4 years, electric cars in the UK are cheaper than petrol or diesel, taking into account both purchase and running costs.  The mileage from one battery charge is extending all the time. Our display cars ranged from 99 miles in the Smart Car to nearly 200 in the new and spacious Nissan Leaf Tekna and well over 200 miles in the high-end Tesla S Model. Charge points are much more widely available too – Alton now has two rapid charge points in Manor Car Park.

Exchange and Mart have developed “The Beginners Guide to Driving Electric Cars” which has lots of useful information. See: