Annual Meeting March 2018 – thanks, successes and plans

We welcomed familiar and new faces to Energy Alton’s annual meeting on 14 March.  Reviewing a busy and successful year, John Hubbard said   that home energy surveys and energy advice remained the core activity. (see the website for contact information).  Highlights of the year included:

  • The Alton premiere and reception for “Before the Flood”, the acclaimed film about climate change with Leonardo di Caprio
  • A wide-ranging and well-attended programme of other talks and films
  • A display of 6 electric vehicles as part of the Alton Classic Car Show in September
  • New open to all committee meetings twice a year, themed on big issues such as Kate Raworth’s work on sustainable economics
  • Detailed submissions on Government policy ( a team effort) – the Clean Growth Strategy and Building a Market for Energy Efficiency
  • Lobbying East Hants District Council and Damian Hinds MP

We worked jointly with Petersfield Community Energy Group, the Alton Local Food Initiative (ALFI), the Alton Society, Alton Community Association and others; and participated in the Hampshire Climate Action Network.

All those attending the AGM put forward lots of ideas for developing Energy Alton further, which have since been reviewed by the committee.  Top of the list is making it easier for members and other volunteers to engage with Energy Alton’s work programme – we will share information about two or three projects at each public meeting and suggest opportunities for involvement.  Other ideas included:

  • More and better publicity and outreach
  • Increasing the uptake of home energy surveys
  • Advice to those in newly-built houses and on retrofitting houses
  • More advice to commercial and retail premises
  • Continuing to promote awareness of how to reduce waste, especially plastics
  • Promote electric vehicles, also car- pooling/clubs and cycling