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    Energy Alton membership is free – donations welcome.
Energy Alton CIC – Membership Agreement

This document is a formal agreement between Energy Alton (EA) and you to record your support for EA.  It enables you to participate and vote at EA Annual or Emergency General Meetings.

This agreement takes effect from the date of signature and is valid until you resign your membership or EA terminates the agreement as set out below.

You may volunteer to assist with any EA project knowing that you will be protected by insurance.

Your involvement will be gratefully accepted but will always be under the guidance of a Project Leader.

Membership entitles you to learn new skills whilst using some of those you already have for the benefit of the project and for the community as a whole.

Where necessary, EA will train you to carry out specific tasks which will usually be subject to a separate agreement.


This Agreement does not entitle you to act on behalf of EA or commit EA to any cost, campaign or activity unless you are authorised to do so in writing by a Director of EA.


All members are covered by EA Public Liability Insurance

Health & Safety

Whilst EA will exercise its duty of care for all members and will use its best endeavours to provide a safe working environment, you are responsible for your own personal safety – so if in doubt don’t!

All incidents of actual or potential threats to personal safety should be reported to the Project Leader and to the EA office where they will be recorded.

Report any accidents in writing to the EA office where a written record of all notifiable accidents will be kept for at least three years.

Any significant risks that are identified are to be placed on the agenda of the next committee meeting for their consideration.


Confidential information must not be passed to anyone who is not entitled to have it.  If in doubt, ask your Project Leader.


Any expenses that you incur on behalf of a project must be agreed in advance with your Project Leader.


All donations must be passed to the EA treasurer via your Project Leader for receipts and thanks to be produced.


You may terminate this Agreement with immediate effect at any time by informing the EA office of your resignation.

EA may terminate this agreement in writing with immediate effect if you:

  • Use EA resources without authorisation.
  • Use EA resources for private gain.
  • Make unsubstantiated allegations or abuse against a fellow member or EA clients.