Plastic waste awareness – what you can do – new web pages

Energy Alton’s website now has web pages on plastic waste – look under What we do/Now.  You’ll find lots of information and ideas, including –

  • Preventing street litter reaching the sea – plastic litter, especially cigarette ends, finds it way into the sea through storm drains, and stuff such as wipes and cotton buds flushed down the toilet goes through sewers.  Microplastics are eaten by fish and sea birds – and ultimately by people
  • Reducing plastic waste at home – how to do a bin audit
  • Plastic-free household products – lots of ideas on reducing your consumption of single use plastics by purchasing non-plastic alternatives
  • Recycling clarified – a list of materials recycled and not recycled by East Hampshire District Council
  • Hope for the future – some web links that show some of the ways that the problem of plastic waste is being tackled across the world.  Ellen MacArthur’s Circular Economy initiative in Plastics Never Become Waste and Boyan Slat’s remarkable Ocean Clean Up project head the list

Get in touch with your own ideas and experience and support local retailers who are taking action.  We’d love to hear from you.