Energy Payments during the Coronavirus Pandemic

COVID-19 SERVICE UPDATE – HITTING THE COLD SPOTS from the Environment Centre (tEC) <>

Measures are being agreed with energy suppliers to ensure vulnerable customers remain on supply with heating and electricity during these uncertain times.

If you are a prepayment customer and are unable to physically top-up your meter due to sickness or self-isolation, or cannot afford to top-up because of reduced income or increased energy demand at home, please speak to your energy supplier about what they can do to help you. Money Saving Expert have collected information about what each supplier is currently offering.

Credit customers in financial distress will also be supported through these new measures. In a statement released yesterday, the government has said that disconnection of credit meters will be completely suspended.

If you have questions about your energy, speak to a Hitting the Cold Spots adviser on 0800 804 8601 (Monday-Friday 9am-5pm) or email