Energy Alton sends strong views on energy policy to East Hants District Council

Every council in England is required to have a dedicated plan that sets the rules for how the area should develop over time. This is called a Local Plan, which has three parts.   Part 3 of the Plan consists of Development Management Policies, including energy strategy.  In March 2017, Energy Alton set out its expectations of for management policies for energy in a statement sent to East Hampshire District Council’s Head of Planning.

Energy Alton’s prime long term aim is to ensure that new and refurbished properties built within the Alton Area are energy efficient. They also need to be properly ventilated to ensure that they maintain pleasant and healthy environments for living and working.  To this end Energy Alton believes in a ‘fabric first’ approach for the construction of new buildings i.e. the building’s fabric should be constructed to the highest insulation standards together with the appropriate level of ventilation to ensure healthy living conditions.

The full statement can be read here Energy Alton part 3 consultation March 2017

It covers transport, built environment and drainage as well as energy conservation.